Volunteerism is very important to any non-profit organization, not only for the organization but for the volunteer as well.

When you volunteer with us you get a great since of joy in serving others on a great expedition cruising on the James River or another body of water.

We are looking for volunteers who want to help out on cruises by preparing the boat for a cruise and helping to dock the boat. We also are looking for those individuals who have an expertise in administrative duties like accounting, grant management, marketing, internet communications, leadership, executive services, transportation, historians, tour guides, etc.

So, if you are interested in volunteering contact Ted Abbott at

(804) 901-4301 or email him at info@gosailing4all.org.

Skipper Ted Abbott out with sailors from Lakewood Manor on a James River, Richmond, VA.

Volunteering with Sailing 4 All

Our historian sharing some history about the James River in Richmond, VA on our cruise.


Lakewood Manor sailors returning from a cruise on the James River.

I am so excited that this organization is around.  Last year, we had the opportunity to get several trips on the river in with our residents.  All of our residents have some sort of physical disability due to an irreversible disability, including CP, MS, Brain Injury and Spinal cord Injury.  Most of them use a wheelchair.  Due to their disabilities, they have a lot of challenges and are not able to enjoy some of the things they once were able to prior to their disability‚Ķor maybe have never even had an opportunity to experience at all.  Sailing 4 All has provided them the service to sail on the river, but to them it is so much more.  It is not about just sitting in a boat and riding down the river.  Being out on the river in this capacity is a multi-sensory experience.  This experience has so many physical, mental, and emotional benefits.  It is soothing and relaxing to feel the boat rocking back and forth on the river, to feel the sunshine and wind on their faces, to feel the splash of a wake from a passing boat.  The sounds of the lulling motors and passing boats, the sounds of the eagles, seagulls and other water fowl flying overhead, the sound of the water lapping over the pontoons all have a relaxing and calming affect.  Flowing along with the current, learning about the tides, pollution controls and seeing river critters on the banks, in the water and in the air are great learning opportunities about the river and our area.  Opportunities to practice trunk control are present whenever the boat goes over a wake or on a not so calm river and the person has to compensate for the movement.  Some of our ambulatory residents have the opportunity to work on transfer and balance skills as they walk onto the boat.  The social benefits are tremendous as the participants on the boat converse about what they are seeing and even share memories they may have from past experiences on the river.  The social benefits even carry over when the experience is over as they talk about it with family and friends upon returning home.   These are just a few benefits that I have observed from the outings we have been on with Sailing 4 All.  I hope they are able to continue this valuable service to our residents and people with disabilities in the Greater Richmond Area. 
Thank you Sailing 4 All.

Stacy Slusser,  Director of Community Integration,  The Virginia Home