Cruises take place within the Richmond vicinity and last from 1-2 hours. In addition to the activities listed below, we can also tailor special cruises to your needs and interests:

River Cruise

Enjoy the beauty of the James River and see Richmond from a view you've never seen.
Family Cruise

Spend some quality time with your family relaxing on the river or a local lake, or celebrate a special occasion.

Lunch Cruise

For a birthday or anniversary or just for relaxing, we'll enjoy a great lunch on the water.

Bird Watching

Learn about the natural bird species that nest and live in and around the Richmond waterways.

Nature Cruise

With a knowledgeable environmentalist aboard, learn about the wildlife and ecosystems in marine life on the James River.

Navigation Cruise

Learn how to set a new course! We'll show you how sailors use charts and landmarks along the waterways to direct their watercraft.

Sailing 4 All Cruises

Sailors of Virginia Home returning from a cruise on the James River.

Skipper Ted Abbott out with sailors from Virginia Home on a James River, Richmond, VA.

Book a Cruise by contacting:

Due to COVID, cruises are delayed until Summer 2022

Kathy Tilbury

4218 Maughan House Ter

Chester, VA 23831