​​Board of Directors

Mike F. Martelli, PHD - President & Secretary
- Private Practice in Rehab Neuropsychology
- High Hopes President

- Supports Chapman Senior Services

​Jeffery Rodgers- Vice President
- General Manager, Mobility Works
Kathy Tilbury - Treasurer
-​ US Navy Retired

- Defense Logistics Agency
- BS in Computer Science

Ed Turner
- Turner & Associates
- Disabilities Advocate

Mitch Bordeaux

- Chesterfield County
Paula Upton

About Sailing 4 All

Sailing 4 All pontoon boating on the James River, Richmond, VA

Sailing 4 All is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Richmond, VA

Physical and mental disabilities present many challenges - emotional, social, developmental.

​Sailing 4 All programs help individuals who have been impacted by disability to overcome those negative effects.  We help to remove barriers by providing access to boating, fishing and other marine activities which promote normal human development.

​Our programs greatly enhance the lives of our "sailors" with disabilities by offering positive experiences in new and stimulating environments - on the James River and in local lakes.

Sailing 4 All is committed to providing opportunities for people with disabilities, youth at risk and other special needs individuals.

​By offering the experience to learn about boating and/or sailing and other marine-related activities, our program will enhance the quality of life, rehabilitation and learning for children and adults with special needs.​

​As children, many of us loved playing in the rain, sprinklers on a hot summer day, the local swimming hole, neighbors backyard pool or just wading in the creek. As adults we vacation at the beach/lake/river, take ocean cruises, go fishing, tan by the pool and play golf.

People with disabilities do not have easy accessibility to being on the water.

​Sailing 4 All changes all of that, working with those in the medical, rehab, housing and support organizations we cruise on pontoon boats on the James River, and additional craft on other waters.

This program is non profit and needs your support to succeed. Please donate and/or volunteer.